Stephanie + John | Santa Rosa Ca

This bride has got to be on the Top 10 Best Brides Ever list… seriously, she should give lessons! Gracious, kind, silly, down to earth, not to mention gorgeous!

Together we created something that felt glamorous and special, while still maintaining who she is in her everyday life. Warm neutrals and prominent lashes (mostly her own!) showcased her eyes while bridal pink on the apples of her cheeks popped her great bone structure. Her elegant updo sat slightly off center and the addition of a birdcage veil took her look to uniquely sophisticated.

I left Stephanie on her wedding day with makeup and hair complete, veil perfectly placed, but still in her robe. I was so anxious to see how the completed look came together with her beautiful choice of wedding gown and alas, the photos are here and do not disappoint!

A beautiful take on their day is experienced through creative photography by Erin Woolesy. Based in Texas and not a regular in our neck of the woods, she was an absolute treat to work with and even offered her camera’s assistance when placement of the veil presented a bit of a challenge.

I have to confess that I am more than a little bummed that this wedding is over!

To Stephanie & John, I wish you the best married life has to offer, even if it is in Michigan! Just a thought, a trip back to Wine Country would be perfect for your first anniversary…

Congratulations Steph & John!

June 2010  ::  John Ash & Co / Vintner’s Inn,  Santa Rosa Ca









Congratulations Steph & John!

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