My new love…pinterest

Truth be told, Pinterest and I are having a love affair. I’ve been completely sucked into this one of a kind site for for both personal pleasure and as a professional tool. I’ve spent more than a few long nights in front of the screen, unable to tear myself away, just one more pin! My favorite is compiling boards to help brides hone in on their personal style when it comes to hair and makeup for their wedding day.

One of the most difficult parts of creating a wedding day look with a bride is finding a starting place. One of the things that sets me apart from others in my field is the attention I pay to each individual client. Each bride is unique to me with her own likes, dislikes, dreams, and vision for herself as a bride. It is superbly important to discover and bring out exactly what she is wishing to convey with her look on this very special day.

In order to get the creative process started we need to find our starting place. Even with the web as accessible as it is with laptops, iPads, smartphones with huge screens and the like, quality photos of real brides with unique hair and makeup looks are actually quite challenging to come by. Until now.

Below are a few of my favorite styles from my hair and makeup inspiration boards thus far…visit the site for more and more and more inspiration. Just beware, you may not be able to tear yourself away.

image   image     image       image

image            image

One response to “My new love…pinterest

  1. Great! I may never see another human being again (or sleep!) now that you have introduced me to Pinterest!

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