Bridal party beauty | to hire a pro or not?

As the 2013 wedding season gets into swing I’m extremely excited to hear about what my brides have planned for their girls. Bridal party style & beauty is one of the most fun parts of a wedding! I always recommend providing your entire party (and the moms!) with hair and makeup services. DO NOT skimp on this part!
Here are a few reasons why it is imperative to work professional hair & makeup for your entire bridal party into your budget:

You’re paying HOW MUCH for your photos?
And you’re trusting each member of your bridal party to coordinate their hair & makeup looks and present you with a perfectly polished, streamlined, timeless group look that doesn’t distract from you, the beautiful blushing bride, in your photos!? Is that realistic?

You don’t want to take a chance with the photos that will last your lifetime. Investing in the right professional hair & makeup artist will ensure a cohesive, photography ready look for your wedding party – an extremely important piece in maximizing the significant investment you are making in a photographer. While creating individual looks that leave each of your ladies feeling gorgeous, our big trick is to make sure they look like they all came to the same party. A consistent amount of makeup, contouring for photos, subtle individual details, same formal scale of hairstyle – these things will create a wedding party look. (And leave you without a worry that one will be looking natural, boho chic while the others are all dolled up with red lips, winged eye liner, sparkle shadow, and updos!)

They are flying to California, buying a gown they’ll never wear again, buying the matching shoes you love, and are oh-so-excited to be doing all of it for you.
What have you done to let them know just how much you love and appreciate them being there for you on this special day in your life?

From start to finish, the getting ready process can be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day. Plan ahead & set it up to be fun! Treat your girls to brunch & champagne while taking the opportunity to let this part be about making them feel like a special contributor to your day. Your budget won’t allow for you to foot the bill for everyone? That’s completely understandable, getting married is expensive! Many brides can’t afford to gift the entire thing to their bridal party so it is common for the bride to put down the deposit as a gift to their girls, then each girl pays their remaining balance the day of the wedding.
* It’s a great idea to reach out to the Groom’s mother and sisters and include them as a special part of the getting ready process as well.

Need help planning the perfect getting ready process? Need help defining and creating your bridal style? Just ask, that’s part of what we do!

For a little eye candy, a look back at some of my most favorite brides and their gals!

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