Covid-19 Update : September 5 2020

by | September 5, 2020

We are open!
The infographic to the left will tell you about new Covid-19 protocols that we need you to participate in.

As Covid-19 cases surge in Sonoma County, we are renewing our commitment to maintain a safe space for our guests and our team. In addition to the things we need you to participate in, these are some things that we are doing to ensure your health & safety, that you may or may not be aware of when in the salon:

⭐Comprehensive training for all team members, specific to Covid-19 safety
⭐Personal commitments to limit our own exposure in our home lives
⭐Operating indoors at 30% capacity or less
⭐No double bookings⁠
⭐Individual sanitized boxes of tools/products for each appointment⁠
⭐Logging station sanitation between each guest⁠ (hair stations, shampoo stations, and treatment room)
⭐Bathroom disinfection after every use⁠
⭐CDC based health screening & temp check of each guest⁠ before entering
PLUS we’ve added a full time team member to track & implement these protocols!⁠

To get a peek into the salon visit our Instagram highlight reel titled “Covid Info’